Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chester Dog

Acrylic on Canvas Paper 8x10 SOLD

I am trying to work out the style I most like to paint in. I am returning to painting after a few years off. . . I have gone from painting in oils to painting in acrylic (it is much more convenient to a busy life full of children!) I have realized over the course of the past few weeks that I cannot paint in the same way with acrylics as I did with oils. So, let the experimenting begin! Here is the painting I did yesterday of our faithful lab, Chester. It is about an 8x10 on canvas paper.


Jennday said...

Wow. You have amazing talent. Please post more soon. Q: why did you put blue on his fur?

Bonnie Hurst said...

A: I put blue to pull the background down and around and help put focus on his face from the ear forward.

Jennday said...