Friday, November 21, 2008

A few spots open tonite for Paint! at Memi's!

There are a few spots open for tonite's paint party featuring "Morning, Noon, and Night" paintings. These will be 3 small paintings on artist board. Please call to reserve your spot! Bonnie 303-4843! Hope to see you there!

Paint! Funky Christmas Party at Memi's

Paint one of these - your choice - on Friday November 28th from 6:30 until 9:00. There are only 12 spots available so reserve yours today! You can call me - Bonnie- 303.4843 or Memi's 466.4099. All supplies included. You will be painting on a 12x24 canvas. Cost is $40. These paintings feature some metalic paint and funky Christmas designs. Come and have fun!

Paint! Birthday Party

This was so much fun! The birthday girl came over to my house the day before and we worked out the
design so she could help me teach her friends how to paint the fairy/angel. It is
always a blessing to me to
see the creativity of children
first hand. They interpret things so differently than
adults and are NEVER afraid to try things out!

This was a talented group of artists! I hope I will be leading more Paint! birthday parties soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paint with Me at Memi's!

Morning, Noon, and Night
Come and Paint the above 3 (8x8) paintings with me!
Friday November 21st
6:30 until 9:00
at Memi's Pottery on Bank Street
$40 - all supplies included
Adults only
bring your favorite beverage
class size is limited to 12
payment holds your place!
I am very excited about leading paint-a-longs at Memi's! I have 4 more dates scheduled - one for teens - and I will post about those soon! Look forward to seeing you! Come and Paint! with me!

Memi's Pottery

Memi's is located on Bank Street in Decatur. They offer just about whatever you can think of in the way of pottery to paint. I have had a great time making things for gifts or for my home. My kids LOVE going to the pottery classes where they have created some unique pieces that I love to show off around the house. Check out their blog and visit them TONIGHT for Decatur's downtown Christmas Open House.

Spike the cocker spaniel

This is Spike our cocker spaniel puppy. After using the colored pencils, I moved on to use a set of pastel pencils. I ended up having to go in with some pastel sticks to achieve the darks. It looks like Spike! He is a beautiful puppy. It also didn't take near as long as the colored pencil piece.

Ahh, to use colored pencils again!

Years ago, my passion was pencil - colored pencil, pencil pencil, pen & ink, you name it. Since I have had children, I have lost a good bit of the patience needed for this medium as well as any chunk of time more than say about 15 minutes to devote to any one thing at a time. Recently, I had such a longing just to "color" again that I purchased a bristol board pad of paper and set to work. I left it in my kitchen and got it drawn out in a couple of days. I then enjoyed working on it off and on for over a week. A little bit here and there. I am generally pleased with my first attempt at colored pencil in over 15 years. There is of course a smudge that will not go away on the side of the piece - hazard of working with my sweet 4 year old sitting next to me, coloring herself. I haven't quite given up on trying to get rid of it. I also haven't resigned myself to the fact that the blue sky may have to get bigger. Ahhhh, such is the life of an Artist Mom!

New Paintings!

These are two that I painted on my lake weekend. They will both be going up to Willis Gray Gallery for the holiday season. I hope you enjoy!