Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ahh, to use colored pencils again!

Years ago, my passion was pencil - colored pencil, pencil pencil, pen & ink, you name it. Since I have had children, I have lost a good bit of the patience needed for this medium as well as any chunk of time more than say about 15 minutes to devote to any one thing at a time. Recently, I had such a longing just to "color" again that I purchased a bristol board pad of paper and set to work. I left it in my kitchen and got it drawn out in a couple of days. I then enjoyed working on it off and on for over a week. A little bit here and there. I am generally pleased with my first attempt at colored pencil in over 15 years. There is of course a smudge that will not go away on the side of the piece - hazard of working with my sweet 4 year old sitting next to me, coloring herself. I haven't quite given up on trying to get rid of it. I also haven't resigned myself to the fact that the blue sky may have to get bigger. Ahhhh, such is the life of an Artist Mom!

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