Friday, January 25, 2008

Apple Study #1

Acrylic on Canvas 8x8 (1 of 9)
I am doing 9 apple studies to make up one painting on 9 individual canvases. This is the first of those! I will be paintings these as a warm up to larger pieces I am working on or to vent frustration over those same larger pieces!
You know how you come to that point in a painting where you are stuck, frustrated, and wonder how you are going to pull it off? Well, I am getting to the point where I realize that if I just pull away for awhile and come back to it, I can see my work with a fresh eye and push on through it. What a wonderful revelation this has been! I now have 4 different projects going on and I am moving between them. When I get to that stuck place in one, I move to another and so forth.
I am thrilled with my newly organized studio! I will have to take pics and post them before it gets too lived in!

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