Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buffalo # 2 Almost done. . .

I have actually changed his face 2 or 3 times since I took this photo last night! The main idea in this one is for the buffalo in front to represent a leader and the ones in the back his followers. I guess that is self explanatory, just thought I would say it anyway! This buffalo painting WILL be done today! I am ready to start the buffalo #3.
You know I realized today that I always very optimistically say that I will be getting to this or that in the next few days when in reality it seems to take weeks. My mind sure moves faster than my time to paint will allow! Ahhh, such is the life!
I am going to the lake with girls this weekend and I am taking my painting supplies. I hope that I can get some paintings accomplished while having some good social time with some of my very best friends! We take this trip annually and I truely look forward to it from the moment it ends to the moment it begins again!

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