Thursday, October 9, 2008


I cannot believe it is the fall time of year again so soon! It seems like summer was JUST here! I am taking another quick girls trip to the lakehouse this weekend where I hope to paint. So, maybe I will have something to post come Monday! Also, the Pensacola Arts Festival is coming up in November and I am looking forward to heading down for that again also! Fall is full of so many fun, but time consuming events that take away from my all ready slim painting time. Fall Festivals, my oldest is turning 11 ( I can't believe he has gotten this old this fast!), pumpkin patch trips, weekend lake trip, Halloween, Pensacola Arts Fest, and the beginning of hunting season (this means my sweet man will be off in the woods from time to time) Somehow through all of this I will find the time to paint - or at least begin some paintings. I am so excited about having my work in a gallery that I want to paint more and more and more. Anyway - have a great fall!!!!

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