Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kenley Collins of Project Runway

Acrylic on Board
Okay, so yes, I LOVE Project Runway on Bravo. I fell in love with Kenley Collins style this season and was inspired to paint some of her runway show dresses. There were some decent still shots on Bravo so it was easy to have the computer as my reference. I have always been inspired by most anything retro and to have the retro with a more modern twist was refreshing to see! Kenley may have been a bit defensive, but I found her confidence refreshing. I have always wanted to dress like a rockabilly and never had the guts. I have to admire that in a girl! I hope she would be pleased to see my painting and not appalled. I am sure it doesn't give her work justice! (p.s there are two more in this series. Of course, if you have followed this blog at all you have to know that I am trying not to give a timeline as to when a work will be done because it never seems to happen the way I plan!)
Just another word about the painting. I enjoyed this subject more than any in recent history. I also left the texture off this time. Like last post, let me know what you think!

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