Friday, November 21, 2008

Paint! Birthday Party

This was so much fun! The birthday girl came over to my house the day before and we worked out the
design so she could help me teach her friends how to paint the fairy/angel. It is
always a blessing to me to
see the creativity of children
first hand. They interpret things so differently than
adults and are NEVER afraid to try things out!

This was a talented group of artists! I hope I will be leading more Paint! birthday parties soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie.

I love your new work. I wish I could come down ffor one of your sessons, Maybe someday. Keep on painting. You really inspire me to keep on workiing. My instructor from NC had a stroke. She is only in her early 50's. It is really sad.

I finished the Treehouse and the Hunting Lodge at Forrester Farms down home. I will update and post them to my BLOG. I love your BLOG you have done a lot of work on the format.