Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skim Boarding

Acrylic 12x24 on canvas $250

I embraced my tendancy toward minimalism and used alot of what I learned at the workshop this weekend and painted this. This is my sweet son looking for the perfect skim with his skim board. I really love the texture!

Claire told me about how she uses sand in her paintings so I went out to the kids sandbox and scooped some into an empty parmesan container and voila! I have texture! Thanks Claire!


Carole Foret said...

Oh my goodness, Bonnie! This is wonderful. You really took Claire's advice and used it, Girl! Very well done--can you hear me clapping?

Woo hoo!


ckayser said...

Omg!!! I LOVE this Bonnie! You are painting much more loosely here and in a way that I try to achieve. Very well composed with your son to the right side, scumbling EVAWHERE! Rock on!

I need to blog!