Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend at the cabin with the girls!

Lisa with a good book. (Above)
A view from the front porch. (Below)

Above - CeeCee (embarassed by the sweater I am sure, but it was COLD!) And our easels set up in front of the picture window for light.

We had a wonderful, relaxing time this weekend at my family cabin on Lake Guntersville. This year there were four of us to make the trip (two of our usual crew couldn't make it). We spent our time relaxing, reading, watching movies, and for 2 of us - painting! I was able to complete one painting and almost complete another one. Pics of those will be in my following post!
A big thank you to Lisa, Britt, and Michelle for making these weekends so special! I love your company and look forward to this trip again soon!

1 comment:

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the easels in the window.
This cabin is very similar to a little cottage my husband and I stay in in Nova Scotia for two weeks each summer.
Lucky you. It sounds like you have wonderful family vacations there.