Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ballet Recital

8x16 Acrylic on Canvas
I painted this of my beautiful niece last night at Wine and Paint With Carole Foret. I had a wonderful time and met some fun ladies! Some of whom I hope were encouraged to begin painting! The image I used for this painting is from my niece's ballet recital in Beijing last year. The yellow was a challenge for me - especially since I only brought yellow cad light (lemony color). I had to mix some darker yellows for the darks in the costume - but I like how the red looks and I think it helps the background. I still need to finish her hands, but that will have to wait until next week! This is my last post until Monday! Off to NOLA!

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Carole Foret said...

Bonnie, enjoyed your being there last night at Wine & Paint--it was so good to be painting together again. (and with Michelle too!) This turned out so beautifully. You should be proud.
Have a fantastic time in the Big Easy!